Open-Access Plagiarism Search

The OAPS service was deactivated on 02.02.2015. These websites will be archived on 15.02.2015.

The Goal of Open-Access Plagiarism Search (OAPS) is the detection and avoidance of text plagiarism in education and research. Therefore, OAPS provides a new service for plagiarism detection that is able to find similarities between given text documents and available Open-Access documents.

In February 2011 the beta version of OAPS was started. In this phase the OAPS service can be used free of charge for plagiarism checks. The plagiarism search is based on the OAPS Search Index that currently contains nearly 12 million documents. To use the OAPS service you need to create your own user account which is needed for a log-in on this websites. When you are logged in you can submit text documents to OAPS and therefore start the plagiarism check. Afterwards the result of the check is available as a plagiarism report in your user account.

As OAPS is currently in a beta phase, errors cannot always be avoided. Further, we cannot guaranty any permanent availability of the service. However, we are trying to remove any errors and to avoid downtimes in a timely manner. In the beta phase of the OAPS service The applicability of generated plagiarism reports may be limited during the beta phase of OAPS due to the current size of the OAPS Search Index, especially if no results are found. However, this will change in a later phase of the project.

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